Jenny McGee is a mother and graphic designer who is also a breast cancer survivor.  “After two years of intensive treatments,” Jenny explains, “I came to the realization that to go beyond just the day-to-day survival mode, I could use my love of art to express emotions and emulate the beauty found within each one of us.”  Art became her release, and she discovered a new horizon where color, texture, and unfiltered expression could connect beauty and healing.  Jenny’s art symbolizes victory.

Her works use both meticulous collage assemblage and hand painting.  The results are fully developed dimensional images that are truly original mixed-media compositions.  Close inspection uncovers the multitude of patterns and textures that ultimately create depth, shape, and color-play, leaving the viewer in amazement and revealing Jenny’s unique artistic talent and inspiration.

Jenny’s art has been featured on HGTV and belongs to numerous private collections including HGTV designer Kelli Ellis and the Group President of Estee Lauder and Clinique.  Her work continues to attract a growing list of patrons who are drawn to the imagery, appreciate Jenny’s talent, and understand her journey.

The Inspired Collage Artistry Collection