On Demand Digital Fine Art Prints

  1. CHOOSE the image
  2. FIND the POD icon/ratio
  3. SELECT the Media
  4. SELECT the Size

The POD ratio or icon identifies images that are available as resized custom digital prints.  Images without the POD ratio or icon are not available for this custom printing service.  Standard sizes with suggested retail price for both paper and canvas with standard borders are listed on the product detail pages. Custom sizes for both paper and canvas are also available as well as custom canvas border treatments.  To calculate a custom size simply multiply the longest desired custom dimension by the ratio number to calculate the second shorted side dimension of the resized digital image.  Inquire about size restrictions by email: orders@cbrandstudios.com.

Longest Desired Dimension x Ratio Number = Calculated Short Side Dimension

Most images are available on both paper and canvas.  Inquire for other custom sizes and border treatments.


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