Michael Tienhaara is originally from Portland, Oregon and a graduate of Portland State University.  He currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Michael is primarily a self-taught artist who has continually developed his natural talent participating in workshops and private study with other successful artists.
Michael attributes the development of his unique painting style to his extensive career in printmaking.  He successfully made the challenging transition from an award-winning screen printer to digital printing and giclée production.  Working in the printing industry has allowed Michael to form close relationships with many internationally renowned artists.  Always the student, these relationships provided Michael the invaluable experience of learning practical painting techniques from successful working artists.
The many influences and experiences in Michael’s life have shaped a mature artistic style that transcends traditional impressionism.  There is a haunting quality of ethereal stillness in his work that can transport the viewer to a different dimension.  Michael considers himself more of a fantasy painter, but his work still maintains a strong visual connection to recognizable organic elements, shapes, and colors found in nature. “The execution of my paintings comes from the mind,” Michael says, “they are planned expressionistic accidents.”  Michael transforms realistic natural scenes with a unique blending of fantasy and creative vision.  His artwork is simultaneously familiar and imaginary, and ultimately truly original.


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