Christian Klingeler is a Disabled Veteran who served his country with the United States Marine Corps. He spends his time painting as a therapeutic exercise for anxiety and PTSD.

Christian was born in Michigan, raised in Los Angeles and lived in the streets of Seattle while attending Art School. He started oil painting in Seattle while working various law enforcement jobs. He went on to become one of the first Federal Air Marshalls hired after 9/11.

Christian moved to Phoenix where he continued his education obtaining a master’s degree in Psychology. With his passion for art and his quest to understand human behavior, Christian dedicates his time and a percentage of every sale to PTSD and anxiety research.

Other creative outlets include music and writing. He wrote his first song at the age of 10 and released his first album in 1998, which he wrote, played, recorded and produced every song. Music is Christian’s inspirational catalyst that provides the dynamic energy that he puts into every work of art. His life experience and education inspire Christian to capture human understanding through his art.

The Christian Klingeler Collection